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To store and transact IOTA you will need a proper IOTA wallet. Currently there are several options for receiving & sending IOTA. Primarily focused on the machine economy, the underlying technology of IOTA, the Tangle can be confusing for first timers. The following 4 wallets, and hopefully many more to follow, are listed below to get you started with IOTA. Also check out our primer: What is IOTA?

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Light Wallet

The IOTA Light Wallet and Full Node GUI wallet is one in the same with a simple 'toggle' action between the two. The light wallet is the simplest and fastest way to get an IOTA wallet up and running. Upon first installation you will want to choose Light Node.

Here is the latest Light/GUI wallet from Github, and includes an easy 1-click installation.

When up and running, if not prompted be sure to go to Tools --> Edit Node Configuration and insert a public node for use. Here's a list of public light wallet servers.

Gui node

Go to the File Menu and Choose View --> Show Status Bar. If the public node is successful, you will notice 2 numbers in the status bar at the bottom of the wallet. See below image. These numbers should match to show the Light Wallet is in sync. CPU will show in use when sending or generating an address.

You can confirm the latest milestone in IOTA slack in the #botbox channel.

Light Wallet Iota

Generating a seed is very simple and you can use the roman alphabet and the number 9 with a max of 81 characters. Write this down and store it somewhere safe, as this seed is the only thing able to access your IOTA. Wallets are deterministic so every address/transaction will be recoverable by that one seed.
How to Generate a Strong IOTA seed

GUI Full Node

Identical to the Light Wallet is running a Full Node with the GUI. Again you can toggle between the Light client and Full Node by going to Tools --> Switch to Full Node

toggle between light and full node

You will first want to go to Tools --> Edit Node Configuration and fill in the info you will use for your ports. Default is 14600/15600.

node config

The big caveat with running a Full Node is finding neighbors. You will want to make sure you have a static IP (not dynamic). To do this you will need to join IOTA slack channel #nodesharing. You can direct message others in the channel to swap nodes. Optimal number is 7-9 active neighbors.

This will need to be a mutual tethering, in other words, if they add your IP you need to add theirs. To add nodes simply go to Tools --> Edit Neighbors.

The format to add a node is as follows: udp://ip:12345

12345 is their port number. If your IP is then you will give this to your neighbor udp://

node neighbors

With the Full Node mode you will need to wait until the wallet is in sync which may take awhile the first time you fire it up. But you will be supporting the network once it is up and running. Upon a synced wallet, create a seed and login!

Trininty Mobile Wallet

There is also an Android wallet, called Trinity created by the Foundation - check out here.

Trinity Wallet Iota


Before you can receive any IOTA, you have to generate an address. This is fairly simple. Click on the 'Receive' tab and there should already be an address there.

Click ATTACH TO TANGLE and it will attach the address to the tangle.

Generate Address

Once address is 'Attached' you a free to begin receiving IOTA.

Attach to Tangle

You can check in the History tab that the address is there and confirmed.

Attach to Tangle


Of course, before you send you will have to have a positive balance of IOTA. (Scroll down for our free giveaway)! You can always go to the forum or slack and ask for a few IOTA tokens, which are worth fractions of a penny at the moment. A valid address to send to will have 90 characters which is a way to checksum before you send.

IOTA uses the scientific notation and the GUI offers the available units to send i, Ki, Mi, Gi, and Ti. Double check those units before you send! You can see a total supply and the representation of the token units below.

iota token supply and units

Once you have an address, paste it in, fill out the amount of IOTA tokens you want to send along with the correct unit and click 'Send it Now'. Your PC will initiate the transaction and some Proof of Work will be done to broadcast your transaction to the Tangle. once fully confirmed you will see your balance deducted from your wallet, and it will show in the History Tab as well.

Send iota token

Congratulations you've just sent some tokens with 0 fees!

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